Changes: Oh Baby!

Well it’s time to introduce the readers of the site to a couple of the major changes that will be happening in my world over the coming months. I’ve always sought to live an exciting and adventure-filled life, and that is definitely what my life is becoming!

Basically, life changing thing number one is that Paula and I are expecting our first kid to arrive on the scene in late August. We’re getting in on the long, crazy, roller-coaster ride that is parenting. It’s been quite a surreal few months, trying to come to grips with the fact that in a few short weeks we are actually going to be a family.

I’m excited about the things I’ll learn, the ways I’ll grow and the playfulness I’ll discover as I seek to be the best dad I can be. I’m hopeful that as I learn to put my pride aside and throw myself into discovering this world again through new eyes, I’ll discover new ways of being awed by this world, humanity and all that it encompasses.

In the midst of these thoughts I’m trying not to get too idealistic about how things are going to look over the next few months. It’s a confusing, paradoxical picture painted by people trying to describe what having kids is like; tiring yet energizing; draining yet fulfilling, the worst period of your life yet the best thing you can do. I’m facing something mysterious, unknown and even scary, but hoping it will be the crucible that produces gold.

I’ve no doubt my thoughts on this process will work their way onto the blog here semi-frequently, so consider yourself warned!

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  1. I have to say that I am excited about the ‘screaming little mini-Brown’ and think you guys are going to be EPIC parents!

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