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Yesterday I wrote about how my life is going to be transformed by the arrival of a screaming mini-Brown, but mentioned there’s actually a couple of life changing things in the pipeline for the coming months. Well, life changing thing two is that Paula and I will be moving to Auckland, where I’ve taken a job building New Zealand’s Roads of National Significance. More specifically, I’ll be a surveyor for Fulton Hogan on the Lincoln Road Interchange project.

This game changer deserves a bit more of an explanation, given that it isn’t a very intuitive thing (some would just call it stupid) to move to an unfamiliar city, leaving a cherished network of family and friends, just a month before having your first kid.  So here’s some details…

Lincoln Road is one of a number of projects scheduled along the North-Western motorway of Auckland, New Zealand. The project is valued at $100 million, and involves upgrading the existing bridge to a seven lane bridge over the motorway, widening the motorway by a couple of lanes and including bus-lanes, and changing the on and off ramp layout to improve safety. There’s an interesting fact sheet here.

I’ve been fascinated by the management of large projects for a long time, and am jolly keen to get into the industry and discover for myself what it is like. This opportunity appears to be an awesome chance to get stuck in and get an insight into what goes on in a moderate sized infrastructure project. From a surveying perspective, this project is small enough to get a taste of all facets of the project, while being big enough to include sizeable components of earthworks, roading, drainage and structures (bridges). This means that, in terms of building experience in this scene, it would be difficult to find anything better.

I’ll be honest, the timing of this job sucks. With a baby due in August we know we are lining ourselves up for a stressful, exhausting and full-on few months. Exploring a new city, building new friendships, working longer hours and learning how to be parents will be incredibly demanding. I’m hopeful these months will grow us, but exactly what shape that will take is hard to see now.  Nonetheless, I’m excited about all the changes we’ve got lined up.  If we can pull this off it’ll be awesome!

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