Christmas Traditions

With Christmas only five weeks away, Paula and I have been discussing the traditions we want to establish with our wee family. I’m the type that gets excited about the possibility of setting up meaningful, creative and fun family traditions that (hopefully) my kids will remember fondly when they grow up.

When it comes to Christmas, Paula and I want to intentionally keep the original meaning central, while also enjoying the presents and family that this season now encompasses. We also like the idea of incorporating some element of the outdoors into the day. On top of this, whatever we do can’t be confined to a particular geographic area, to accommodate the fact that we’ll be alternating between family at very different ends of the country.

Beyond this general criteria, we’re still in the process of figuring out how we want Christmases to look in the Brown household. So, dear reader, we would love to know, what traditions does or did your family hold at Christmas time? Deep and meaningful, or just fun and random, lets hear them in the comments!

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