Hitch-hiking Trainer Wheels

If you haven’t stood on the side of the road, bag at your side, with your thumb out and grinning disarmingly and slightly awkwardly at cars driving past, you’re missing out. Hitch-hiking has to be one of the most easily accessible adventures available to young guys, and holds great potential for building valuable social skills and abilities. If the idea of having a go freaks you out, I have just the idea for you…

Dress up like a snowboarder and hitch up and down the mountain.

In this situation any risks associated with hitching, from both the driver and the hitch-hikers perspective, are almost eliminated, and here’s why…

There’s no question of where or why you’re travelling that way
There’s only one way to go – up. The only likely reason you and your ride are going is to get to the snow, hence the chances of you being a raging psycho axe-murderer are pretty slim. My only suggestion is that you don’t wear your goggles and/or balaclava while waiting for a ride.

You can bank on getting a ride pretty quick
I waited maybe three minutes to get a ride up the mountain. On the way down I had just walked past the first row of cars in the carpark when someone pulled over. Because of the sheer number of people travelling exactly where you want to go you can basically expect not to be standing there awkwardly for too long.

You have a guaranteed common interest to spark conversation
This form of hitch-hiking carries the thrill of not knowing who might pick you up, with the added safety that you have one guaranteed source of conversation to fall back on. Aside from the obvious discussions about the weather/snow conditions, there are plenty of ways

Seriously, if you haven’t tasted the thrill of hitch-hiking, there is no excuse. You’ll meet interesting people, learn loads and experience the adrenaline of being outside your comfort zone. Do it.

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