In Praise of Early Mornings

Early mornings, to me, are the most mysterious, exciting and inspiring time of the day. I am fascinated by the way people use them, and motivate themselves to take hold of them. In my mind, they stand alone as the time of day that is the hardest to grasp, but yield the greatest rewards if pursued diligently. As I look through history, so many of the great men and women who made a real and lasting impact on the world seized those quiet hours of the morning. Articles like Michael Hyatt’s ‘Slay Your Dragons Before Breakfast’ and Lifehacker articles on mornings get me excited.

I haven’t got this sorted by any means, but I am convinced that mornings have a greater purpose than simply to get between bed and work. It’s a topic I enjoy thinking about, so don’t be surprised to see more reflections on mornings, and how to seize them, pop up on the site here.

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