Licensing Process Part 2: Time

The other day I started writing about what is involved with becoming a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor in New Zealand. Today I’ll fill you in on the time requirements for getting licensed, the first of which is at least two years of relevant post-graduation experience.

Of this two years, at least 12 months needs to be involved with Land Title surveying. That is, 12 months needs to be spent physically carrying out land surveys, marking out boundaries on the ground, drawing up plans and so on and so forth.

Three months of the two years needs to be involved with Resource Management Planning. This is the initial stages of any land development project, which involves dealing with Territorial Authorities to obtain Resource Consents to do subdivisions, or use the land in certain ways.

In addition to these, at least six months needs to be clocked up working in with civil engineering. Surveyors need to be competent in the design of basic road and drainage systems, and be able to oversee land development projects to ensure that minimum quality standards have been met. Of the six months spent in engineering, at least two months has to be involved with carrying out inspections or doing contract administration tasks.

Obviously to meet these requirements, detailed diary sheets need to be kept up-do-date and presented to the surveyors licensing board. Just putting the diary sheets together is a significant job in itself! Next up, I’ll explain what projects need to be completed before getting licensed.

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