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How can I be a great husband and dad, while working 50 or more hours each week?

How can I achieve a balanced, healthy and fun life, while succeeding at everything I feel passionate about?

I wrestle with these questions nearly every day.

I’m an introvert who loves my job building roads, yet craves a way to express my creativity, while leading an adventurous life, balancing a social life and raising a young family. I want to climb mountains, learn languages, solve problems, work hard, stay fit and ultimately leave this world as a better place when I leave.

My name is Marcus Brown, and this is my space to document my journey and the things I learn along the way. I’m so glad you’ve popped by!

Balance is one of those funny things that everyone wants, but no one seems to know if they’ve got it. I’m the kind of guy who wants to try everything and experience it all, yet risks succeeding at nothing. I definitely don’t have all the answers, but I’m learning a lot along the way. This blog is a chance for me to distill all my little successes and failures into something that will hopefully help other people like me out.

Without question, my top priorities are to succeed at building a strong marriage and raising healthy and cool kids. Every father, across every generation and in every culture has had to address how to balance the demands of family with the pursuit of success in other areas. I hope that somehow my little thoughts here will help some guys find success in life’s grandest race.

On the site here you can expect to find:

  • some practical ideas of cool things to do with kids
  • Ideas for camping, tramping and travelling with infants
  • General reflections on raising family, work, and life in general

Oh, and if you want specific information on who I am, who my family is, then head over here.