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My relationship with blogging is long and complicated.  We started out so well, but somewhere along the line we just lost the spark.  We’ve taken a few long breaks, but there’s something in me that always draws me back.  I’m back now, with my own domain name as a sign of my commitment to make this thing work.  Although our history is ugly, to really know, you had better know where it grew from.  So this is my story of blogging and me…

My first blog, In Pursuit of Wisdom, was unashamedly a Christian thing.  I had a verse from the Bible as my subtitle and was convinced that I could be the modern version of Jonathon Edwards, complete with old school language.  I think I put some good stuff up there and enjoyed keeping it going.  If anything I took myself way too seriously, and looking back I often laugh at how stiff my writing voice was.  Anyway at one stage I simply stopped writing.  I can’t quite remember why, I probably just hit a busy patch at uni and didn’t know how to get back into it.

The Ramblings of Big M was a name I picked on a whim when none of the other domains I wanted were available.  I’ve never been nicknamed ‘Big M’ in my life, so what possessed me to name it that I have no idea!  In the end the name was probably the blogs downfall.  I never really felt proud of it with such a silly name, so was slightly ashamed whenever the blog came up in conversation.  It isn’t very motivating to put ideas you want the world to see on a platform you want no one to see, so this blog quite quickly bit the dust as well.

Somewhere along the line I read a bit of John Maxwell, and tapped into Michael Hyatt’s ‘Intentional Leadership’ blog, both of which resonated with me.  With regards to Michael Hyatt’s blog, I liked the way his Christianity came through in his blog, but that the blog was interesting and helpful regardless of what faith background you had.  After following this stuff for a while, and reading other things, I decided that was the direction I wanted to take, and hence came….

The Brown Guide to Life, which consisted of a grand total of 5 posts.  Right off the bat I struggled to find time to write, and again the name was a second choice thing that didn’t inspire me to make it awesome.

For the past six months or so I haven’t been blogging.  I’ve struggled to find time to write between the work, family and other commitments I have.  And yet I find that when I don’t write, the urge to write just gets stronger and more compelling.  With all the exciting things going on in my life at the moment I figured that a blog is a good way to keep people in the loop with what’s going on, so I set up  The idea is that the name is simple and general enough to last through any evolution that happens to the subject matter of the blog.  I’m looking forward to the adventure!

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