Three Cardinal Relationships

Relationships, friendships, networks. Whatever you want to call them, they have a huge bearing on your enjoyment of life. I will dare to suggest, though, that only three of them will truly make or break your life. These three relationships hold the potential to make life a joyous adventure or a terrible drudgery. When your life nears it’s end, whether you reminisce with contented satisfaction or woeful regrets will be decided in large part by the way you conducted these friendships.


Belief in a God that can be described as a person, who actually takes an interest and wants to be involved in the lives of mere humans is, i guess, quite peculiar in today’s society. Nonetheless I am absolutely convinced that this can be the greatest source of satisfaction over a lifetime. When facing death, I think it is possible to have a deep sense of contentment, having pursued a friendship with the very one who created you and is, in a way, calling you home. On the other hand, I can’t begin to imagine the dark fear and doubts that could creep in when you haven’t given time to think about this important relationship.

Your Spouse

They’re your best friend, most loyal companion, and have made a sincere commitment to stick by your side through everything that you encounter in life. It makes sense then, that if this relationship is vibrant, dynamic and life-giving, the positive effects will echo throughout a lifetime. Conversely, a marriage that stifles fun, creativity, and joy will wear you down over a lifetime, and the pain of divorce leaves scars that I doubt ever heal completely.

Your Kids

Whether you like it or not, your kids will play a huge role in your life. And whether your kids are a source of joy and happiness, or stress and worry, comes down largely to the decisions you make. I’m not (yet) qualified to say much more than this, beyond the fact that this is a very scary and motivational thought for me.

I’ll dare to say that all other friendships, while very important, pale in comparison to these fundamental connections. No other relationships have quite the same lifetime implications as these, and hence they deserve particular attention.

What are your thoughts? Am I wrong? Do you have other relationships that you consider of paramount importance?

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  1. So good man. My only comment is that I do not agree with one of your statements and this statement is this. ” I’m not (yet) qualified to say much more than this…” and this was in regards to speaking on kids. That rad thing about being a Christian is that we believe in absolutes (yes this is a good thing haha). And we have been given a map to live out our lives called the bible and we believe that it is absolute truth. This means that what the bible says in true and when we read the bible we are being taught truth. Because of this I believe that it is possible to be an authority on things that you have not personally been through because we are taught the experience through God’s word. This obviously does not at all negate life experience but I would dare to say that the Bible is an even greater source of life wisdom than experience is. BE BOLD. Your the man & keep posting.

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