Weapons of Choice: Amazon Kindle

‘Weapons of Choice’ is my space to pay tribute to the devices, tools and software that I use to make my life more awesome. I’m a bit of a geek at heart, and love learning about new gadgets that I can use to improve how much I can get out of life. In no particular order, I’ll start with my Amazon Kindle e-reader.

E-readers have been causing a stir for a while now. Initially I resisted this new fandangled way to consume books, convinced that nothing could replace the actual feel of turning pages and that smell of new paper that we all know and love.  Now that I’ve owned one for a few months I am absolutely convinced that e-readers are the way of the future, and have become a raging e-book evangelist. To me, the single greatest advantage of owning a kindle is that it removes those biggest excuses not to read; cost and time.

Basically every book you will find for kindle will be cheaper than its paper sibling. This, coupled with the fact that there are often ridiculous deals offered if you know where to look and a lot of older books that are offered free, means you never have the excuse of not having anything interesting to read. The Kindle is also portable, much more than I anticipated it to be. With a decent cover I am happy to throw it in my bag and carry it around almost everywhere I go (something I very rarely did with paper books that could get bent or damaged rolling around in my bag). This means that whether I’ve got five minutes while Paula grabs something from the supermarket, or I’ve got the old awkward half an hour between appointments, I’ve got my whole library at hand and can fill my mind with worthwhile stuff.

If you’re wondering about battery life, the fact that it lasts up to a month on one charging means it has never been an issue for me. The e-ink screen is easy on the eyes and very rarely gets annoying, even in the sun.

If I have one qualm about the kindle, it is that the range of books available is still growing, and there’s been a number of times were I can’t find the books I want in kindle format and am torn about whether to splash out on an ‘actual’ book. This is very minor, however, and as time progresses I’d be picking most books will wind up being available in this format.

Quite simply, what I love about the Kindle is that it is just a no-frills reading device. In other words, I like that its a piece of technology that isn’t a potential distraction. If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting a Kindle, I would unreservedly suggest you do it. My recommendations would be to go for the non-touch version, and get a cool cover to go with it (my kindle rocks the M-Edge Holmes Jacket).

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