Weighing in on Kony 2012

I confess I was a little behind the 8 ball to find out what all this Kony stuff has been about, but since I watched the video a few days back I’ve been absolutely fascinated by the whole deal. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the easiest thing to do is to watch the video, which has gone crazy in the social media world, clocking up over 27 Million views since going online early in March. It’ll take half an hour of your life, but its probably worth it.

My initial thoughts, to be honest, were not exactly positive. It strikes me as odd that so many resources, and so much time and energy is being spent trying to achieve something that, ultimately, can only be achieved by a very few specialist people. What I mean is that an international manhunt is not something that your average person off the street can get involved with or even find out what is going on. Rather than being the domain of organisations that you can keep track of, it is the domain of governments, intelligence agencies, secret missions and a lot of stuff that I just can’t fathom. I’m confused why, after so many years, Kony hasn’t been caught already when presumably its pretty high on the ugandan agenda. I absolutely would like to see Kony brought to justice in 2012, but I don’t actually know how funneling thousands of dollars into it will accelerate the process.

That said, I think there is a lot to celebrate about what this video is achieving. Most obviously, it is putting the pressure on to deliver justice for what are, without doubt, atrocious crimes. More significantly, though, I think this video has been valuable in that it has shown a generation the power that it can have, and proven that there is a widespread desire to see positive change in the world. It’s good to see the heartstrings of a generation tugged, if only to prove that this generation has heartstrings. The excitement being carried by all the fans of this cause seems to be the realisation that things are not right, and we can do something about it! While not convinced on this cause it excites me that this generation of tech-savvy young people are realising the power that their favourite medium can have to improve the world.

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